About Us

We value reading the Bible together and living it out. Simple to say, more challenging to do! This means learning how to live together with humility and gentleness. It involves growing as mature disciples whilst reaching out to those who are not yet following Jesus. It involves living in the world, whilst not being of the world.

There are some buzzwords you might be looking for! We are Evangelical and charismatic; thoughtful and sometimes scholarly; reflective and worshipful. Our roots are in the British New Church Movement. We love the urban location with its international flavour. Our latest ideas are only the best we’ve thought of so far, and are open to improvement. We are in a spiritual battle and need to rely on God!


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A member of Trinity and the Evangelical Alliance

Registered Charity: 1103392

Church Office: Trinity House, 45 Camden Road, London NW1 9LR

Telephone: 020 7287 9304

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